The ceremony and reception will take place at Knapdale Eco Lodge.  Knapdale is located 8km outside of Gisborne and we will be providing buses to and from the venue stopping at multiple central places around Gisborne.

Knapdale Eco Lodge is a 32 hectare sustainably managed operation with a variety of agro-forestry projects. It is recognised by the Department of Conservation, the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association, Forest & Bird and the Gisborne Regional Council as an example of outstanding environmental protection.

The luxury lodge (completed in 2004) is built with materials with as small an ecological footprint as possible. Most of the structural timber was sourced within a 20km radius and was milled by a local sawmill.

The timber was sustainably grown in a forest park. 90% of the timber is Lawson's cypress which is naturally durable. The ply cladding is from sustainably managed Radiata pine.

In their quest for sustainability the Weytmans have planted native trees for bees and birds, avocados, citrus and other species for eating, and poplars and other trees for fencing and retaining walls. They have also set up a deer unit, established a highland cattle stud and increased the number of bee hives. A flock of sheep keep the pasture trim while new plantings of trees are still young.

Knapdale Farm also has a large 1 hectare dam which encourages wildlife and eels. Springs are scattered around the farm ensuring a good water supply and ensuring the deer can undertake their favourite pastime - wallowing.